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“David Reddish delivers a humorous and memorable peek at the subculture!”–The Advocate

“Everybody has a voice and now gay comic book fans have a new one, too.”–Guerilla Bookworm

“You’ll love it!”–Shelly’s Bookstore reviews

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Hello, and welcome to the official site for Sex Drugs and Superheroes: A Savage Journey into a Wretched Hive of Scum and Supervillainy, the never before told story of the San Diego Comic-Con.  Here, you can find information on the book, author and even a preview chapter of the novel itself, along with the occasional musings of the author, David Reddish.

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The long-awaited sequel to Sex, Drugs & Superheroes is here!  Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks is now on sale!

Liquin Sonos and his geeky friends return!  Two years after the events of Sex Drugs & Superheroes, Liquin has finished his magnum opus screenplay and journeys to the San Diego Comic-Con to meet with a high-powered agent to make his dream of becoming a screenwriter come true.  Joining him on the journey are his friends Kate, the film student, her boyfriend Windsor, the angst-ridden animator, the flamboyant agent Brigham and the vampy party girl Roxanne.  Little do his friends know, however, that Liquin has a deadly master plan to sell his work!  And little does he know that his long-time nemesis, Ragnar Wortham has come to Comic-Con with the intention of destroying Liquin…

Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks revisits the Comic-Con subculture with ferocious intensity, providing another stark look at a culture absorbed by corporate greed, the frustrations of life as a creative person, and an unflinching portrait of mental illness.  The second in author David Reddish’s Comic-Con Chronicles, Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks continues the praise and indictment of the Comic-Con subculture begun with Sex, Drugs & Superheroes, and plunges into the darkest corners of the creative mind, and the fight for artistic recognition.  This time, it’s war!



Author David Reddish’s editorial on Vladimir Putin, the Sochi Olympics and international LGBT Rights published by The Advocate magazine:




COMING SOON!  Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks on Audiobook as read by the author.  Scheduled for release in Summer, 2016!


David Reddish in the studio, recording narration!

“A perfect blend of style and fantasy, destined to impress.”–Author David Reddish on his endorsement of SOLEites footwear by A.J. Catalano

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Author David Reddish with Legendary Sci-Fi Author David Gerrold (Star Trek, Land of the Lost) at celebrating the debut of Sex, Drugs & Superheroes: Third Edition at Comic-Con 2013.969216_10151574538128233_379246555_n


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David Reddish and Starlog magazine creator Kerry O’Quinn at BENT-CON 2013.