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THE ADVOCATE with a rave review of SEX, DRUGS & SUPERHEROES:

If we can learn anything by the staggering and record-breaking amount of money made at the box office this weekend by the mega superhero film The Avengers, it’s that geeks rule. For far too long, Hell … for all time, actually … geeks and nerds have been bullied, picked on, looked down upon and made fun of by “cooler” more popular people. In recent years, geeks have come into their own and have taken control of, well, pretty much everything (see the aforementioned $200+ million dollars made in 3 days by geek Joss Whedon). Geeks rule (among other places) on TV, in movies and … in books. My friend David Reddish (Davy to everyone who knows him) has written his debut novel and it officially goes on sale this week. Davy is a bona fide, uberproud geek and his new book Sex, Drugs & Superheroes: A Savage Journey Into a Wretched Hive of Scum and Supervillainy (The Comic-Con Chronicles, Book I)  is an unabashed celebration of the center of the geek universe … San Diego Comic-Con. Click below to check out the cover artwork for Sex, Drugs & Superheroes and learn more about this new book that YOU simply must rush out and buy :)-Trent Vanegas,

“Normals” see a Comic Con as weird. FanBoys/FanGirls/Geeks/Nerds see it as The Ultimate Show. The creative types whose love of fantasy, fiction, action, gaming, movies, books and art have a deep appreciation for San Diego Comic Con especially. Putting a Comic Con experience into words is near impossible. David Reddish has managed to incorporate the realistic and the unattainable interactions in one fell swoop!

The phrase that comes to my mind when referring to Comic Con is always “Chaotic Zoo of the Unwashed Masses”; however Reddish manages to show a love story and level of sweetness that every Con Attendee secretly wishes for. (Gay, Straight, or Purple Alien alike!!) All while navigating among the scantily dressed cosplayers! I thoroughly enjoyed Sex Drugs And Superheroes and encourage those who understand the FanBoy/FanGirl mindset to give it a read.  Courtney K., Senior Staff

Liquin Sonos — the fierce, biting and clever narrator of “Sex, Drugs & Superheroes” — says he hates his life. His loss is our gain. While Liquin rages against the indignities of his daily existence and wrestles with his unrealized ambitions, the reader is rewarded with a funny and rollicking novel.

Too smart and pitiless to spare passing judgement, Liquin sizes up Comic-Con; Hollywood movies and the people that peddle them; geek culture at large; gay geeks in particular; the nature of self-defeating sexual desires; the pros and cons of hedonism; the restorative powers of Sigourney Weaver; the dangers of mob mentality; and, last but certainly not least, himself. No one survives unscathed. Except for Sigourney Weaver.

David Reddish, the author of “Sex, Drugs & Superhoes,” does a superb job of keeping Liquin engaging and humorous, even when Liquin is cursing his lowly station in the regular world. It’s clear what draws Liquin and thousands like him to Comic-Con: a chance to be who you dream of being, if only for a few days. Although Liquin would probably deny it, there is something quite moving and admirable in his story. I’m glad I read it, and if you enjoy hilarious and provocative fiction, you’ll love “Sex, Drugs & Superhoes.”–Rasheed Newson, Staff Writer “Army Wives”; Author, Bring a Shovel and a Gun

SEX DRUGS & SUPERHEROES named one of -THE- six “Geek Out” lit titles!


The Worm has had enough of cliterary adventures for now.  We’ve had an arctic expedition, courtly romance, hard sci fi, alt-universe fantasy, vampires, and plain old star-crossed lovers living in the modern world.  Now it is time to get our nerd on.  We’re going to delve into a world of things geek.  If it is niche; if it is odd; if it defies genre but strikes a chord of obsessive interest; if it is just plain cool or interesting in a slanted way – it is worthy of our new Geeking Out genre category!  I have culled my “waiting to read” stack and have plucked down a couple of past favorites that all defy any other genre.  Below is the reading list for this turn, but feel free to email me with your own special interest reference book, fanfic, novel, or other oddity.  I have no doubt this is a category we will return to often!

1)  Assassination Vacation – Sarah Vowell

2)  Packing for Mars:  The Curious Science of Life in the Void – Mary Roach

3)  The Nerdist Way – Chris Hardwick

4)   Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter –  Seth Grahame Smith

5)  Sex, Drugs & Superheroes – David Reddish

6) Cosmos – Carl Sagan

Writer David Reddish perfectly captures the unique view of Comic-Con that can only been seen though a queer lens in his new novel Sex Drugs and Superheroes: A Savage Journey into a Wretched Hive of Scum and Supervillainy. Far from a simple intro to the greatest party in all of geekdom, Sex Drugs and Superheroestakes the reader beyond the surface of nerd culture with rich characters, romance, and a rocking good time. From cosplay enthusiasts to the comic curious, the fictional story of Liquin Sonos, the novel’s angst-ridden protagonist, offers as much fun as any graphic novel – and twice the charm.–Jase Peeples, Gay.Net

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